Love From The Sky

Oh, great and t wonderful Lord,
You give us the love other humans would never want to.
You lead us in Your ways
And we love Your Words.

Beautiful creator,
Love abides in You as You abide in us.
If we follow Your lead
We become light to our world.

Oh how do You love us?
How can You have so much unconditional love?
We all believe in Your Word,
And we all love Your ways.

Your love is more than what we see,
It is way beyond what we feel.
Your love is Spirit and Life
And we would let that Spirit abide in us.

Thank you for Your love,
For everything You granted us.
We are grateful for the grace .
We love it.

Keep us in Your light
Let Your spirit lead us
And cause our hearts never to depart from Your ways
May we remain rooted in Your love

Lord, oh Lord,
We bow down to You.
We will forever be in Your debt.
We will love You forever and ever.

Our hearts would forever be in gratitude
Our souls would give reverence to Your power
We would always sing Your praise
And we would live for Your will alone.

We love You.
You are the Lord Most High,
The Most Holy,
The Father.

You are life.
You are light.
You are Love.
And You are God.

Davine & TD Adams

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