The Uncaged Cannot Be Caged

The messenger and the
message, good or bad. Can the
uncaged message become caged?

The house that houses the sense
Of taste is powerful and full of power;
Power to cage and to uncage
The sense of taste.

The cage; the house,
The sense of taste; the caged.
They both work to wire words.
Powerless when caged, powerful when uncaged.

And so she’s filled with regret
When “badly-wired words” are poured.

The sense of taste would only have
Sweet taste of senses when
Cooperation becomes one.
And vice versa.

She sometimes regrets caging
The message needed to be uncaged.
Most times she wishes the message
She uncaged moon walks to the cage.
Only a wish though.

Still, nothing stops them
from being best of friends.

We all need to tame the
Cage and the caged.
Words when uttered
cannot be reversed

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