Hannah’s Prayer

She rose up after her meal
to pour out her heart, so heavy it was
before her King, yes she did.
Her adversary before whom she refused to keel.

Specifically, she kept asking,
silently, so much so, she was taken for a drunk,
asking to escape shame’s darts,
from she who found joy in her case and other mocking ‘friends’.

She chose to take charge, to decree an end,
while in this conversation, feeling alone, her King heard.
He stood in His might, deciding to show His hand.
His prophet’s word confirmed as He put a seal on it.

She made a vow,
a promise with an oath,
that if her bundle of joy
her surprise, a boy;
was given to her,
God’s he will be, till the day he dies.

As you well must know,
Her answer came forth,
in due season, her face alight with glow,
She fulfilled her vow, so glad.

The King still lives and he will yet wipe your tears away if you’ll just believe.
trust in Him; for your miracle, just might be on the way.

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