Life: Meaning

What is life? Life is time. Anything—in fact everything—that happens here on Mother Earth are activities of life, and they make up life. Day to day living is life. So, life is existence while death is its cessation.

Anything that ceases to be in existence it has fallen into the hands of death. No matter how long someone plans to live, there is nothing you want to do about its fleeting time.

You can not live out of wish, you can only live out of His will. Though life is short, it is like that to men. God’s time is different from ours as humans.

“We live today, tomorrow we die, what is the meaning of life?”

Life has a meaning, no matter how short-lived, we will discuss life stages in the next series.

But we’ve defined the meaning of life. Life has different activities in it. In life we make friends, in this same life, we are betrayed. In life we enter relationships, in this same life, we break up. In life we are loved, in this same life, we are hated.

Life to some is a ditch: the people here, they have fallen into it since they have been born and they have never seen another side of life.

Life to some is a bitch: the people here, they have never been favoured all their lives in life, so they conclude that life is so bad, and nothing is good on earth.

Life to some is a gum of fun: the people here, they have never smelt nor seen the bad sides of life. They may not believe some people are suffering.

In this life, we judge ourselves out of whatever we see on the surface or what we hear people saying, which is bad. It has been in existence and it has become part of us!

You hear about someone’s behavior and you judge the person, you hear the history of the person’s past or what the person is facing and you start feeling sorry.

Some people lie because they want to cover their friend and it backfires on them, then the friend betrays them.

What have we not seen? A brother will rape his blood sister and then put the blame on Satan. Some people would have misused their tongue and when bad things happen to them, they put the blame on village people. Whereas they don’t even have village people!

Still, Heritage says life goes on. Our loved ones die, we cry over the issue and we later forget. It is not like we don’t like them, but if you over cry, they have will say yours is too much, if you don’t cry, they will suspect you’re a witch.

People will always talk. Yes, they will talk. But, life still goes on. Whatever thing you are able to achieve in life, know that it is a blessing, your age, your name, education, position you hold.

You’re not better than others who are dead, less privileged or even poor, you are only given opportunity to be in that position. The poorest of the poorest of the poor can actually be better if they are exposed to what makes life better!

Be humble! Life goes on! If life gives you onion today, it can give you juice tomorrow. If life gives you okra today, it can give you vegetables tomorrow. Either it is a good situation or a horrible one, a slow achievement or a rapid one, life still goes on!

Life goes on. Live life, live, live, live and live. Whatever happens, I say, “Life goes on.”

In life, we live, in life, we die. The journey of life is not smooth. It is not.

You might start thinking that some people are rich, so they don’t have issues in life, then I will remind you that “the rich also cry,” is a saying that is very true.

You might start thinking that some people are extremely poor, so they are the ones facing the issues of life, and I will remind you that “God takes a beggar and makes him a king,” is very true.

Life goes on, and we move on. Life goes on.

Admonitions for today:

E go beta (Pidgin)

Yoo dara (Yoruba)

It will be better (English).

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