Happy Sin-day!

Many are gathered to drink;
beer, gin, rum, till their brains sink.
And they have no time to think
because it is happy Sin-day!.

Sounds of debauchery,
orgy and dark merry.
And dancing to tones so dreary,
until deeds appear scary.

Happy Sin-day!
A day where sin abounds.
A day to goof and mess around.
A day to throw rules to the ground
and make a gleeful sound.

Happy Sunday!
said those who mean Sin-day.
It is also called Fun-day,
also known as Runs-day…
a day the head and the heart always sway.

Oh! What a day!
A day of free for all fun,
smack down, hit and run.
A day to shoot a shot without a gun,
and feel hotter than the sun.

There is beauty in sin
when the wrong majority wins.
Evil glitters like a golden fin
and wastes are hallowed in the bin.

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