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Night Shade

Here I am again,
Battling with hopes and dreams,
Struggling with what will be,
Diving in the stream of wishes and thoughts.

Sweet smell of the rain,
And the sight of the dark.
All alone in isolation
Hearing the sound of bounces on the roof.

Thunder lighting,
Making my heart stop a little,
Rendering my helpless soul afright,
Amongst thoughts of incredible things.

Troubled heart of a teen
Amidst the worries of life,
If tomorrow will ever come;
Trembled soul for a lass.

Looking deep in the thick black,
Beautiful color rarely seen,
Blessed is the night without the moon.
Gripped with the fear of darkness

Among all thoughts, a bang on the door
Motionless hands and worried face
My eyes wildly opened
The door ajar and the window making strange sounds

Tied with fear on a spot,
A voice in the rain calling her name,
Long nailed pointing at her
And a scary voice telling her to take those steps.

A big scary shadow on the cream ceramic tiles.
It should be my reflection
My beauty can’t betray me;
Fear set me free, to the mirror, I run.

The big small mirror showing the reflection of an unknown
Gbam! The brownish yellow portrait kissed the floor
And a scary steps walking towards
The voice, the step, the shadow, the finger?

Thin legs chained with fear
Disturbed heart, am I in a movie?
A scary sound from the door
And the sound of the thunder hovering in the air

Series of imaginations!
Momma’s side will do tonight
Oh! It’s past midnight!
Bed beckoning!

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