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If I Break Down

For a few hours and lose me
Tell me please
Would you still love me

If I crack apart
And lose all of me
And break apart
Till I know not myself
Please tell me
Would you still love me the same?

If all my ugly comes out
And I’m no longer so pure
And no longer so innocent
Tell me, would I still be your favorite?

When my scars are exposed
When I show you the ones I hid
Tell me,
Would you still see me as a queen?

If you see the dark and ugly
The painful and desolate
The broken and unknown
Tell me,
Would your heart still rave for me,
Would you still yearn for me?

Tell me
If I turn weak and lonely
Clingy and seeking aid
Tell me,
Would you still care for me,
Would I still be your most favorite?

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