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What About Love?

A magnetic force never heard of
Both body and souls are drawn
Its uniqueness can never be questioned
And I wonder can it be ignored?
Love is the master of intimacy

It is a deep pit everyone falls in
Our emotions can never escape its toxicity
And the question is, can we really escape it?
You want to know why?
We can never find the antidote to its poison

Many people see love as an illusion
Some think of it as a cooked up fiction
Without experiencing it, you might think it doesn’t function
But bit by bit,
It might just drop you off a junction

It is as well important to sight a note of warning
Love is indeed beautiful but funny
It can set you ablaze and still keep you running
It can hurt you and still come back to say sorry
But bear in mind, love is the greatest teacher

Life taught me different lessons
Some of which were very cunning
And when asked, what about love?
All I said was
Love is indispensable

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