If Only Life Can Continue

At the start, it was a charade
But the longevity it posseses
Abated our doubts
And realities chained our doors
The beauty of the prior days
Melted on our dry lips
As sorrows were never meant for us
But the ripples of the present wriggled our skins
For gaunt giants lie on the bier
And their ashes listened to the epitaph
Dry is the ocean of tears
And new days are thought for end of time

Life was once a moving vehicle
Vehicle with unending wheels
Wheels clouted with chaos
Chaos of universal crisis
Crisis of a global halt
Halt ailing the bodies
Bodies of ashen carcasses
Carcasses cremated without burials
Burials reduced to farewell
Farewell to a painful soul
Soul bleeding without a stab
Stab in guise of virus

Our past mistake
Punishing us with global quake
Ripping us of daily cake
If only life can continue
Then the future will be a movie queue
For life will be a proper cue.

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