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“A Man in Wo-man” — A Poem by Alabi Ayodele

This was supposed to be a glossy journey,
A straight path without plummeting apart.
A direction of becoming a champion in a tourney,
And getting a ribbon at the end of the dart.

My brightening sky suddenly became dimmer by the morning,
Turning my smiling soul into a kingdom of mourning.
I shed a tear in discreet and smiled to the world,
No one could see a drop in the ocean as it swirled.

My other half left this world without a word,
A shame to an eye without a second.
Tell me how to win this war,
And become the first not the second.

A man in a wo-man is what I became,
Treading the two paths with my two legs.
Now my heart beats with a numb,
Beating to the rhythm of loneliness with no begs.

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