Why Should We Hire You?

On an uncharacteristically cold afternoon
My searching eyes were glued to my cracked screen
With each glance, tossing a dice, and awaiting the best opportunities
Toss after toss opportunity reared her beautiful head
Toss after toss the demands were same like water running over stones: ‘Why should we hire you?’

‘Why should we hire you?’ rattled my mind
And sent it on a restless journey
A journey that would end when rest is found in the best feedback
So it scurries through my present and past in search of this colossal reply

My mind like a bird took flight through nook and crannies
At the course of its journey it found my formal education
And all the skills and degrees I had acquired to supplement it.
But it continued on its path uninterrupted like a spaceship headed for the moon, and coming across galaxies

Then its journey led it to our little cottage
Where I suckled, and danced naked under the rain
It saw the four storey building, and remembered the story of a daffodil amidst roses
It remembered being taunted and made a plaything
And how accepting the title of a daffodil amidst roses did the magic
Then my scurrying mind took a nap here

Soon, it jumped up again like a hand which rested on a hot pot
And this time its journey led it to my high school
This homecoming brings home a lot of memories but one stood out
The story of a co-daffodil who couldnt deal with being different
It remembers how it was made a plaything by the roses, and how it shrunk to the pressure
And it gave it another package about individual variability, and another nap

Its journey led it to the field where these daffodils was planted
It remembered the planter, a professional crop scientist
It recalled he came to the field with numerous roses, not knowing a Daffodil came with it
And when the daffodil sprouted, he abandoned it
But for caution’s sake he would tend the daffodil to feed the myth that says ‘grieve it, it comes back’
It picked all inclusiveness,and took a last nap

Now it returns to this application
Knowing millions of searching eyes are glancing too
And are trying to pick that golden ticket by answering ‘Why we should hire you’
It returns knowing these millions have formal education and skills
So it chooses to live up to the icon of a Daffodil amidst roses
Present its knowledge of self awareness, compassion, all inclusiveness, and understanding of individual variability
And saying emphatically: “I am a daffodil amidst roses. That’s why you should hire me”

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