Heal the World

By | May 19, 2020

Hello there, I do hope you hear us.
Cries of thy impenitent sons I bring forth.
For weariness has tossed us to thy breast.
Yes, this scourge has drowned us to thy chest

Hello there, do you hear this clamour of ours?
Our homes, lives, works, dears all sour
Unbearable is becoming life down here.
To this vicious guest we love to bid farewell

Hello there, I hope this outcry arrives your domicile.
For the best of your earthly work is at it worst.
Your earthly creations are as one being cursed.
Worse than any specie had ever thought.

Hello Father, cast not your gaze away, we pray.
The best of our best is needless and to us insanely sane.
This bane dwells here, unwilling to pave way.
Heal the world, a prayer we all say.

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