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The Danger

As I sat under the evergreen pear tree, on a cool evening, thoughts began to race back and forth within me.
I thought they were my friends! I thought they had good plans for me!
Oh! I am finished! I cried. They have finally turned their backs at me and my greatest fear has come upon me!

The evening breeze no longer seemed natural. The air was poisoned too! Each contact felt like a slap to my face, so I raced back home, thinking I would be free from the harsh torments of nature.

Oh no! It was even worse! I took a glass of water, just to chill a little but even the water contained spikes! Its journey down my system was a death race. I couldn’t bear it anymore.
The pains were just too much!

I noticed a spin in my head and the whole earth turned upside down. Well, at least I wasn’t dead yet. When I thought it was all coming back, my eye balls rolled backwards … BLACKOUT!

I woke up hearing different sounds from different individuals. Some I could recognize, others I couldn’t. I noticed the strong smell coming from the wards and it dawned on me—I was in the hospital!

Was I sick? No! Did I take any drug? Never! Was I attacked? Impossible! Then what really happened? Questions were thrown at me.

“Ah!” I cried again. I was just a note! It was just a mixture of ink and wood pulp. It was something in black and white! They were letters scribbled on a plain sheet!

It read, “Don’t mind him, he is a very useless guy. He thinks we are working with him. Hahaha, we will strike when he least expects …”

I knew my friends were against me. I was earlier warned but I just paid deaf ears. Now, I have seen the truth with my own eyes!

After reading the note, everyone bursted into what seemed like an uncontrollable laughter! The nurses must have spilled a laughing gas, I guessed.

Ike was able to regain himself. He was the first to speak, “I won at last!” He hailed himself. Hearing that, I was totally lost! Have they come to accomplish their mission? I became sorely afraid. I trembled and was trying to scream out loud, hoping to get help, before they all started clapping and laughing.

I was startled. “What is the meaning of this?” I boldly asked, and the reply was:

“Ike is the winner of the game and we all are going to be eating free food for the next 3 weeks. We never knew it would affect you this way, we are deeply sorry.”

Then it dawned on me. It was the TRUTH or DARE game. Too sad, I was used as a bait. I fell victim and I never even had a second thought. I was so carried away by the message that I immediately judged the book by its cover! It was a false alarm. Oh I fell for it.


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