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Celestial Alterations

I dreamt of an angel
Who fell from the sky
I saw him glow behind the shadows
And sing when daytime springs.

I saw an angel
Dwelling in sadness,
Savouring lost hopes,
Pondering lost dreams.

I saw an angel
Whose heart was pure
Though his wings glitters not
For darkness was his light.

I saw an angel
Whose aura was all I needed
To live again, to fly again …
Whose darkness completes my light.

I saw an angel with a wing,
Yet he absorbs the storm griping me still.
The storm that broke my strength in two
And leaving me to bury myself in misery.

I saw an angel whose eyes were divine
They don’t spell destruction if only you can see through them
You call him demon but he is “De mon” thing I ever wanted
With this angel I will dwell forever in the temple of love.

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