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No Means No

I still can’t imagine how someone can do this to another,
How can you force someone to give you what she doesn’t want to?
Why strip a human being like you of her most valuable possession?
Why subject someone else to such trauma and shame?

Then some don’t just stop at rape,
They go ahead to molest, lynch and even kill,
Jesus Christ! Even animals don’t go this far,
And we are supposed to be the advanced species.

Guys, how do you feel when you are robbed of your valuables?
Do you enjoy it? Do you make excuses for the robbers?
Maybe they need the money to buy food,
Or maybe they desperately need a new phone and car.

Then why can’t you put yourself in these ladies’ shoes?
How can you have sex with someone who is kicking, screaming, crying and bleeding?
My goodness, weren’t you born of a woman?
That could have been your sister, wife or mother!

Guys please, NO MEANS NO,
If she doesn’t give it, you have no right to take it,
Let us respect these women and stop making life miserable for them,
They shouldn’t have to live in fear of us.

Ladies, I know this won’t change much,
But on behalf on every godforsaken son of a building block who has defied a woman,
And for every single act of forced sex, molestation and abuse,
I am truly sorry.

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