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Weapons Weep On

I could feel the fierce caress of my last contact
Even the contacts could not shield the tears away
As I lay head down
Hands crossed over my head
And my last earthly warmth is the feel on my pants
Couldn’t the caress be a little bit less hurtful
Couldn’t the thought of the great beyond
Be a little more welcoming
I could really give my five years’ wage just to leave in peace.

My weeping could only be brief
But the effect of this brief caress would be eternal
What would my dozen and one babes say?
Curses would only reign in their lips
To the womb who bore them would they forever scorn
My weeping is brief
Their weeping is brave

All I can do now is wish
Even if it is just one
I would be satisfied if one has the courage to move on
Move on to a world of infinite opportunity
Move on to a world free of me
But who would it be
For I hardly could recognize them
Save for the ones who look like me
I know that weapons weep
But I pray it weeps soonest.

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