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Letters From My Past

‘N’ for nothing,
You meant nothing to me
I dated you out of pity.
How could I let you go?
I never loved you.

‘E’ for everlasting,
You were my first,
I thought you’d be the last.
Everything went shady,
But I guess I loved you.

‘A’ for admirer,
For I admired the way
You took your time with me,
Gave us a chance,
I’ll always admire you.

‘S’ for soon,
Soon I hope we’d date,
And I’ll love you like I wanna,
We’d get perfect,
But we’d never last.

‘I’ for intentions,
We both had good intentions,
But distance never let us.
Maybe one day, just for you
A one night stand.

‘C’ for cruel,
You were so cruel,
You broke my world,
And became my drug,
A drug I still love.

‘K’ for king,
The king of my heart,
Three years and you
Still love me,
But I don’t, not yet.

All these letters,
Took a toll on my heart,
All these feelings
Weren’t faked,
They were my past lovers.

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