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I Can’t Breathe

For years you’ve suffocated me with your hatred and malice,
You’ve pinned me down with your racial prejudice,
Dishing out your warped brand of justice,
Forced me to drink from your poisoned chalice,
Now it’s gotten so much that I can’t breathe.

Your injustices keep pressing me down,
All you care about is that my skin is brown,
All you want to do to me when we cross paths is to go to town,
You get your gun out and burst open my crown,
I guess it doesn’t matter to you that I can’t breathe.

This same shit happened to George Floyd,
I guess his brown skin made his human rights void,
All his dreams and ambitions you guys just foiled,
You see a black man and you immediately get buoyed,
It didn’t matter to you that he couldn’t breathe.

Even without cause, you treat us like criminals,
Time and again, you spill our blood like animals,
We are not safe in the streets, subways or bus terminals,
We get victimized just for being different, for being radicals.
Yet it doesn’t bother you that your hate won’t let me breathe.

Black, white, red — we are all human,
Whether you are educated or a layman,
We are all born of a woman,
So if we are all human,
Then why doesn’t it matter to you that I can’t breathe?

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