F.U.N: Friends’ Uncensored Night

Another night in the club
with friends dancing in pairs.
Another track of music in the club
with hands and voices in the air.

A night filled without acoustic and tactile vibes
to welcome and cheer the happy hearts.
A night of less to bear and more beer,
to ignite the souls in the spirit of party.

The dance floor is boiling
with dancing steps in different tempos.
The disk jockey is toiling
with mixed tapes in rising crescendos.

The night is steady,
maintaining all kinds of moves.
Friends came ready,
entertaining all kinds of grooves.

Free spirit of intoxication
engulfing the minds of everyone.
None is wallowing in vexation
because there is enough for everyone.

More babes, more guys,
a night of red and black.
Everything is free, no one buys,
excess fun with nothing to lack.

Friends’ uncensored nights,
a night with its own rights.
With just memories and no copyrights,
more friends are made just in one night.

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