I Miss You

Just the way the Sahara soil hungrily intercepts the rain,
kissing each drop passionately,
making love to each atom of the drops.

I miss you.

The soil cums millions of times,
I know, the sweet smell aftermath of rainfall comes from the semen of the soil.
Is it the orgasm of the rain that makes the world roar with thunder?

I miss you.

Each hair on my skin prays endlessly to feel your touch,
my eyes can’t bear to be closed as they wait to see you again ,
Your rosy smell which my nose begs to smell again.

I miss you.

Not because I don’t have a blanket and I need your warm hug,
not because I find solitude in your lips,
not because sex with you is the only things that refreshes my soul.

I miss you because I missed you.

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