Mr. Justice

Mr. Justice,
Do you have ears—
to listen well?
Do you have eyes—
to see those innocents
who have gone missing,
In the hands of these predators
Who carry the tag—
of polythene-cool mediators?!

Justice! Justice! Justice!
Do wake up from your slumber!
Else, we’ll drag you down—
like a useless rag!
Aren’t you even becoming useless?
Isn’t your sword becoming pointless,
to behead those who collect
the blameless blood—into their gluttonous calabash;
the desirous calabash—
that thirst for Ikemefuna’s blood
In placement of water and juices?

(Mr. Justice,
Shine ur eyes wella!
I hope una dey see as dem dey massacre my brother
How dem keep my first pikin
for inside dem polythene bag—
Go do pepper soup for dem meeting
All in the name of becoming 9ja presido?)

Mr. Justice,
You have hands—
do rescue us from their cage with your ruggedness!
You have mouth—
do set us free from this wretchedness!
You have legs—
do well to kick away their wickedness!
Or you are just as still as a statue?

I hope you can see them well
Via the lenses of the book of law:
Those predators who keep their heads up high
Devouring us like preys,
Slaughtering the small us like a Christmas turkey
Butchering our babies like goat meat,
Making us a ladder to that pinnacle
Where they suffer us daily meal?

Where we are being given leftovers as breakfast?
Where we are being handed remnants as lunch?
Where our lifespans are bought with kobos?
And yet, they eat us raw as meat

Mr. Justice,
If you fail to come to our rescue
We’ll break you down harshly on the soil
Where those polythene-cool gluttons
Take oath of fallacy and treason—
In place of allegiance
And set in place our gods;
the god of iron ‘n’ the god of thunder
To fight for us ‘n’ crush them down!

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