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Be a Light

Power outage had grown to become a norm every Saturday in the part of town I come from. Some rumoured that the parents of the community made a unanimous decision with the power company to ensure that Saturdays were light free. This decision that was still a myth, was rumoured to make sure children completed their chores without distractions.

The myth was broken on a Saturday that smelled like the rain; the sun was up and cradled by clouds, and wind whistling in direction we whilst not. In the midst of all that chaos and silence of chores, a loud eruption of children’s voices echoing “Up Nepa” rang through the community. A sound that was both loud and chorused in an annoying tone that could raise a man in deep sleep. What followed was dead silence that couldn’t match that of Mars. Before long, the sounds of different television sets echoing different sounds as opposed to the once united noise that was spread roundabout. Children all over were tuned to the television watching their favorite channels.

It wasn’t so in my house, both my parents were disciplinarians and would not condone laziness or frailty. I was cursed to the pile of clean shelved plates that in my moms words were “prized possessions”, and you need you need to maintain it. ”

My younger brother Timi got tired of grumbling and retreated into doing my mom’s bidding.

It was so funny how the appearance of light, caused an initial noise that announced its arrival and seconds later, its worth had already been dished around in proportions that kept everyone happy except me and my brother that is. Be that light, build yourself so that when you’re announced to the world, it would cause such an uproar that you have finally arrived and not long after, everyone would be pleased that you arrived as your worth and content would be noticed, utilized and equiped to help as much people as you shine on.

Be a light!

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