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Hall of Confessions

When it’s over you are my start.
You are the silence that falls when we kiss.

You are sweeter than heaven and hotter than hell.
Each time I move my fingers towards your body, I feel the heat from you.

You are a city I long overgrew.
You drown me. Your love, swallows me whole.

I’m obsessed with you.
Midas, you turn me to gold with every touch.

Louder than sirens, louder than bells.
Your love.

Stretching out my arms,
I always want you to come for me.

Our bodies moving in the dark, it takes the breath from me.
Alone, I move in the spaces where you used to be.

I want you,
I’m scared I can’t control it.

Wild child.
Now I have no fear.
Let everybody stand and stare as I take what’s mine.

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