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Happy Sinners

My heart flys in joy
Whenever I see you
Whenever I feel your touch

Each time
Our bodies meet
When they stay connected
Like magnets refusing to let go
Times when our mouths runs into each other
Our saliva mixing in beautiful scents
My apple flavour mixing with your strawberry scents
Oh! Our noses stop breathing
And our hearts run after breath

Oh dear,
Those times
When my thigh will pass through the valley of yours
When I’ll carry you like a baby to his mother
When I’ll carry to my beautiful slaughter room

Oh dear,
Those days in the room
With your back on the well-laid bed
My hands running through the valley of your beautiful placed mini-mountains
Oh! What an erotic moment it was

Oh dear,
Those times
When my hands went on a peaceful journey
All over your body
My tongue being the escort
Those two are action twins making that moment salacious

Oh dear,
Those times
When you became wet
And my rod
Enters your pinkish cave
Making a sensual shriek
Escape your mouth.

Oh dear,
I miss those days
When you urge me for more
Making me a happy sinner
Yet you loved it
Oh! How I miss
Those times making us
Happy sinners.

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