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Sound City

I live in a city that never sleeps. In fact, the nights are the most active times here; neon signs, loud music from clubs, and the sound of cars going to pick whores from the roadside. But these days, this city has been silent, eerily silent.

Since the aliens came and took over, everything has changed. It’s quite weird that these strange creatures came out from the soil instead of the sky like in popular sci-fi books. They’re like earthworms; slimy, segmented and they move by wriggling. Well, that’s how it should be, if not for their crazy skills at building machines by controlling the pieces of equipment with their mind.

They came upon us suddenly, but I think that they must’ve been watching us for years, observing our daily activities, and planning out the best way to take control. These creatures hate sound, we found out that when we make even the tiniest decibel near one of them when it’s not hiding in a robot, it acts irritated and it’s common for them to kill the offenders. Most humans died this way. And since these creatures hate sounds, they’ve mastered the act of telepathic communication, control, and silent killing.

Tomorrow, I will bring back sound to humanity. I’ve been gathering pieces and parts necessary to make a very huge megaphone and I’ve been studying these creatures. I found out that they all need to be outside their metallic extensions for about five minutes daily to get a gust of fresh air.
At 6am tomorrow, most of them would go out of their machines for air, whilst leaving about five of them on guard, I think this is the best time to strike, kill the majority and duke it out with the rest.

Tomorrow, I’ll bring back sound to my city or die trying.

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