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Covid 19: How We Will Survive?

Like orphan chickens scamper
When the hawk swims the air
So did we when you roamed
Like a mad dog on our streets
Seeking those you will devour
Voices were heard
Of unseen faces
In groans, shouts and screams
Arms gazed on, akimbo
As feet refused to move

We were rocking the ride
And rocking our classics
When like a wave you raged
You have it all engulfed
The ship of our economy
Loosely we gripped the sail
As you toss it wildly about
But we saw no one
Our streets turned deserts
Churches and mosques buzzing with silence
Hospitals became gallows
Orchards turned graveyards

We envisaged a clear coast
So, jubilantly into the gentle air
Our aircraft we launched
A thunderstorm, you came unheralded
All around an eye opening darkness
Lost in enclosed spaces; trapped in freedom
As you swallowed every light
Darkness hovers over our heads
The world has been forced to sleep
Morning may crawl but here she comes
To bind and heal our wounds
Then we’ll jump for we survived.

In sanitizing our hands we learnt
To sanctify our hearts.
We kept our distances
But connected with our hearts
That’s how we survived

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