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Another Monster

We live like roaches on the run,
hiding from what is unseen
whilst safe behind the mask
like the Lords of the Night.
We have access to all the info
With no knowledge of what awaits us.

Under confinement like lab rats we live
Isolated like shaff to be burnt,
As curtain of darkness drapes around me;
Kills me quicker than the Corona master.
With no hope of survival
I die to live daily while the monster runs free.

Mama, another monster awaits us
Behind the narrow path to the square,
In bushes and sage brushes
With scary faces—
A battered heart lacking in sanity
Looks to pluck our sacred flower.

Another monster awaits us
In malls and markets
With sticks and strokes,
Drawing designs at our backs.
What is man to man
With a black heart and a dark soul?

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