Cleaner is not a Weaker Vessel

Tenderly beautiful
Overwhelming comeliness
Dazzling and dutiful
Insufficient, innocent, harmless little Liana
Virtues not tools
Yeah, virtuous not a sport or fancy toy shop
She’s purpose driven
A miracle from heaven
Her bodywork is the skillful art of a craftsman made of a pure gold for the Holy one to domicile

Her sanctity, saintliness and inviolability is not a debate
She’s carved to adorn the king’s palace
A seed preserved
Root sinking deep down in holiness and bearing fruit up in righteousness
Her boundary was measured
Her season tagged
Lot casted
Existence wonderfully planned
Appointed time determined
A visionary
A city set on the mountain top too vivid to be denied

Her particularity is her substance
Behold she comes with destiny unfold and wealth untold
Her well is salvation
Her spring flows with healing
She’s a voice not a scream
A balm not a whip
She was sent
Someone called

Her candle is not meant to be hibernated in utter darkness
Her face should not be tainted with graffiti of immorality
She’s a moralist
A movement crusader
A bridge linking destiny and a wall guarding same
She’s a girl child and a preacher…
Coming with just one message… PURITY

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