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The Imperfect Daughter

You don’t frown again when they romance you with their everyday talk. Your parents, I mean. You stay put and don’t talk back again. Because you’ve grown used to the usual things they say to you.

“You’re the black sheep of the family.” No, it’s not that you steal, smoke, club or don’t respect them. But you’re always on call. Each day. Every moment. Guys wants to hang out with you. The male friends you have exceeded the female friends you have. You don’t usually study. You rarely go to church.

You’re social. Love going out. Accommodating. Always in a happy mood. You are not too religious. You just believe in doing what you think is right. Deep down, you know you’re a good person.

Unlike your sister. She’s the opposite of you. She’s always moody. Hates guys. Studies always. Goes to church. Too religious. Rarely gets a phone call. Loves staying alone. She’s not social. She just has only one female friend which you know about. They’re always together. Indoor always.

Once you’ve seen them kiss. Suck each other’s breast. You didn’t say anything. Didn’t judge them. You still love her.

Then this morning, your parents started their usual talk. Your excess phone calls. Your addition towards your phone. The much friends you have. To always imitate your sister. Be like her. She’s the good girl.

And you were forced to say something. To shout. To let them know what your sister does with her friend. That their daughter is a lesbian.

But you didn’t. Because you know it would break them. Into pieces. They won’t be able to take it.

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