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Baby If We Must Survive Covid-19

From my lungs, breath pumped for you
The lady who beats my heart, like a drum.
In my ear, melodious sound of your voice,
Fire roared by the touch of your love.

Soul meets soul and hearts tethered
Let not this flame fizzle out,
for upon the earth
A plague lays, and strangles life out
Of the body,
Breaking souls and spirits apart

Baby this is what we must do, if we
Must survive the plague.
Wash our hands clean with soap
And water
The life of our love spans more by one
Cough and sneeze in our elbows,
So we don’t quench the flames of this passion
Stay 3ft (1m) from each other, and others
our hearts are tethered and the love lives
But if we die, there won’t be love to share

Baby this is what we must do
to survive this plague
Stay at home to live safely, the
Night won’t kill us
Morning would come, but only to those
Who live to tell the tales
Dear love,
Near not your hand to your face, except
After washing it clean,
And death would come someday
Surely, it will!
But the plague won’t smoke us
Neither would our love die,
As long as we live.

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