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  • Photo of The Untold Tale (A Tall Tale)

    The Untold Tale (A Tall Tale)

    There’s always an untold story, the kind that makes us sick to the stomach, the kind that makes us shiver as though the wind is romancing the leaves on the…

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  • Photo of Ewatomi


    In a village popularly known as Ewedogbon, there lived a young maiden named Ewatomi. She was the only child of famous Ayanwale, the drum maker. Ewatomi was a beautiful lady…

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  • Photo of Enemigo


    Finally Alpha King Sky found his mate. He ought to be happy right? Yes! But Alpha King Sky couldn’t bring himself to accept his mate. Why? His mate turned out…

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  • Photo of Rebellion


    The wailing of the doomed girls grew louder as the glittering city gate of Lumorisha came into the sight of the travelling party. The travellers were in three groups: the…

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  • Photo of A Tiger’s Fairytale

    A Tiger’s Fairytale

    Once upon a time in the town of Enwan in Edo state, a state in Nigeria. There lived a beautiful maiden, she was called Omeaneneme, Ome for short, which meant…

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  • Photo of The Magical Book

    The Magical Book

    Meera sat up from the bed, she had been bored since morning and she didn’t know why. Maybe it was time for another lovely adventure. Recently, her interest in books…

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  • Photo of Burning Ice

    Burning Ice

    Somewhere in Africa, a boy is running, running as fast as he possibly can. The dog is determined, focused and bloodthirsty of the little boy’s fluid. He is still running,…

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  • Photo of Death Cup

    Death Cup

    You would never forget the night when you found your husband, the Onowu lifeless, his throat slit open with your own knife. You had cried your eyes out and something…

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  • Photo of She


    What will happen if Death falls in love? Death met one of us and fell for her. Everything doesn’t seem to make sense anymore, and being Death, he became lonely.…

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  • Photo of Even In Death

    Even In Death

    The battle was over. He was dead. Screw the earthquake, Big Guy above always liked showing off, this was one of those days. Deather Lucano was at one corner taking…

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  • Photo of The Water Mammy

    The Water Mammy

    1. Obi was a bachelor, a die-hard bachelor whose only love evolved around nothing but girls, girls and more girls. Girls of all shapes and sizes appealed to him, he…

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  • Photo of Elmyra


    Elmyra is the youngest daughter of the most powerful Merking in the mystic oceans. Things go wrong when he gets possessed by a sea demon and his heart turned black.…

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  • Photo of Lumière


    Lumière Bisset was a powerful witch of twenty years old. She was the only child of Dr. Corentin and Mrs. Aimee Bisset. She was singlehandedly raised by her mom who…

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  • Photo of Battlefield Child

    Battlefield Child

    She fell upon the dead bodies strewn across the battleground, breathing heavily. The thought in her mind was that she wasn’t going to push forth the babe in her in…

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  • Photo of The Red-Haired Witch

    The Red-Haired Witch

    In the evil witches’ council, a red-haired witch with green eyes is believed to be a curse and also considered an abomination. In 1525, Imani the last red-haired witch went…

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  • Photo of Blossom Lius and the Three Friendly Yies

    Blossom Lius and the Three Friendly Yies

    Once upon a time there was a brave girl called Blossom Lius. She was on the way to see her Aunt Tito Lio, when she decided to take a shortcut…

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  • Photo of The Traveller

    The Traveller

    “Barrow, also known as Utqiaġvik, a city in northern Alaska is the only place in the world that experiences 67 days of darkness yearly,” father was saying when suddenly, with…

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  • Photo of Belly Buttons

    Belly Buttons

    Nemat lived in a city called Intestine, a city made of food and water. The people of Intestine were colonizers of a more complex country called Belly Button: the home…

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  • Photo of Fountain Falls

    Fountain Falls

    Her family’s Book of Spells has been lost. To retrieve it, she has to go into the territory of the enemy—and she was enrolled into a school of magic. But…

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  • Photo of Fuji Clan

    Fuji Clan

    My people lived in a faraway land of the western part of Africa, we shared boundaries with other African countries that never knew we existed. On few occasions we had…

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