Legend of Inikpi

The Binis said no to letting them be
Yes, the mortals of the Igala tribe.
Because he was weary of dependence
He, Attah Ayegba; their king.

As problems came, solutions came
A price to pay, to save the day
Inikpi Oma’fedobaba would have to die
‘Oma’fedobaba’, the father’s beloved.

Attah Ayegba would not hear of it
Inikpi, the princess, agreed to it
With love for her people and love for her father,
The maiden was willing to give in to order.

Buried alive, with slaves all nine
At the bank of a river at Idah’s line
Inikpi, Inikpi, died in victory
Inikpi, Inikpi, the father’s beloved.

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