May 13, 2020 Tobe Davis 0

Curled up on the cold floor, the breeze blowing strongly against my hypothermic body; I struggled to open my glued, shut eyes. And like wind against chyme, I felt a [Read more… ]

Growing Up

May 13, 2020 Josh Pampam 0

A sapling, Is close to getting leaves: Combating the wind, Quarreling the heat, Dancing to birds’ thrill, Enduring the strokes of rain, Countering attacks from pest and weeds, Yet, still [Read more… ]


May 11, 2020 Adeola Oke 0

Omo Labake Asake, just as her mother fondly calls her. She was the most beautiful lady in Ayegbon village. She was in her early twenties. Labake had the most beautiful [Read more… ]

Define Love

May 11, 2020 Smiler 0

In your dictionary, ‘love’ defines differently, In reality it also hits otherwise. Your eyes are the windows to your heart, Yeah, I know Your presence alone gets me to orgasm [Read more… ]

The House

May 11, 2020 TD Adams 0

Wake every morning, To the same faces, Same situations, Same fading hope And to say same prayers We desire a change When would the difference occur? When would the house [Read more… ]

Love Lies

May 10, 2020 Nice Mwaura 0

Knock! Knock! Knock! Cine Harris took a deep breath one more time before trying the lock of Ken Lutheran’s apartment. Just then, the door opened. Of course, he would be [Read more… ]