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Two wills One heart framed it. The bliss, the blows, all taken. Undeterred, unsullied, and primed. But drilled and forged like tungsten. One heart, One art, played a part. Well crafted, and grafted, so enhanced.
Hearken! I cease to be a pole With head in clouds To stir the eyes At the marching pens. I cease to be a whip without thorns In glides to flare Their back must adhere To the play of fair. I cease to be a pagan of the wound With hand abrest Provoked pen at rest With sugar in this quest. I cease to be an onlooker To the face of Eden Smelling books...
My Jewel
When I'm asked the perfect human that's crossed my path I say it's you—the gem that can't be traded You've been my precious angel in tense hells I've crossed broken bridges that should bruise me You never stop cuddling me as a babe that I am In perils and penniless states, your shoulder has been soft At times, I seem to care less about the...
A Lone Heart
I see the world alone. The world I see, Is ending in one word, Where ward of words are prisoned. I said I'm alone. That I'm a sole lone soul, Walking on asphalt roads Where houses are as-fat as mansions Where man-shuns man to be a man. I'm alone to see across the sea, Where man kidnapping man is at ease. Instead for man to be kid-napking His wet kid. Wary days,...
Steel Black II
AFRIcans; Shine your light Darkness; the beauty, Lying beneath daylight Hold it firmly, the mystery Behind creaTION Your old age hold no wrinkles Your beauty glows like sun Among the Wild West, whistling. AfriCANS; Shine your light For your color symbolizes; Humility, tolerance And braveness...
Book Books To Read
Most of the answers To your unanswered prayers And the solutions to Your adamant problems Are in your unread books. This is a new year, What books are you Planning to read? Have you any award For all the romantic novels You read last year? Like a sane madman, Book books to read and Plan to read them all. And don't forget, The Bible is also a book! Read through, this year. Gracias!
Bint Adeleke
Bint Adeleke Who can write near a lake She taught me how to hide behind my lines And behave as if I'm fine My poet-friend You gave me a pen And taught me how to write a poem—I owe you my voice babe


The way I feel doesn't matter when it involves reality. It is not an issue of hereafter or fantasies of materiality. I sought the ties of ease and luxury never to cease, and the fleets of soothing tease to plunge my soul in the sea of bliss. And the arms of pleasure resuscitated my life from seizure. At 23:00, my wordless story was written on a scroll of glory.
Bed of Roses
"Life is not a bed of roses," that's what many say. Well, looking at the daily bustles, hustles and struggles we are tempted to agree with them. But paying attention to the lives of the men of old, we constantly ask how come they made their gain. Despite the pain and the burden of what to do exactly just to...
Proposal of Love
It's not our fault, it's not our making at all. For there's always a vacuum in our hearts, yearning to be filled. Yes, that's responsible for our ceaseless quest for love and the insatiable desire to be cared for. We buy things and do things just so we can belong, still our weaknesses and flaws they will not ignore. Well, "give...
Prank Call
The call came in. Around 12:15 AM. It was a private number. I picked it up. A male voice came on. I didn't recognize the voice. "Hello, look at the mirror." A wave of fear rushed through me. I backed into the wall. "Who are you?" I stuttered in fear. "Just look at the mirror," he ordered. The mirror wasn't far from me. But...
Forbidden Love
He walked into my room. Stood before me. And dragged me up from the bed. I wasn't expecting it from him. I wanted to give him a slap but held myself. He doesn't know the truth yet. "What are you doing?" I asked with all seriousness. He scanned me through with an expression of pleasure. "Do you know how many months, weeks,...
Keeping Some For Big Boss
The front door creaked open and Sarah walked into a candle light décor. Right from the door way, red scented candle was everywhere, lit and bearing the atmosphere of romance. Rose petals littered the floor, creating a pathway. The candles were lit on opposite sides like soldiers waiting for the royalty parade; Sarah the royalty. The light was turned...
Whirls Of Horror
She took a deep draw of the cigarette and gulped down all the contents in the glass cup beside her. She was still tensed up, she noticed. She hated such feelings. They made her feel too insecure. She dropped the glass on the table close to her and poured herself another drink from the uncorked bottle before her. Finishing the...
If the Sun is a Star
If the sun is a star The day would flutter Like a blinded butterfly Dazzling around in a sphere. If the sun is a star, The day would shine like the waves in the air. Sporting around mountains. If the sun is a star, The day will gleam In hopeful hopes, hoping The hopes to be fulfilled. If the sun is a star, The day will appear In a pair of yellow rays As...
Say No To Child Marriage
Mother please! I howled, please! I would be a better child Plead with father for me! I want to go to school Please! I don't want to get married now. Chief is older than Father! Please mother, I pleaded at her feet day and night, the helplessness I see in her eyes only prompted me to plead more. Too scared to face Father. D-Day! Chief's pudgy cheeks are quivering in annoyance...
We Seek Refuge
We come in plain hearts like a lamb You stone the 'innocence' in us with a barb; Piercing our bodies into pieces of shreds And our heads mounting in heaven like birds Because of the imp-like monster—hatred We come to beg, we come to plead 'Cause of this bounteous bleed. We're of colours, we're blacks We need each other, we're dark We are not monkeys like the said...
Scribbles of Injustice
Unfairness is the overall master of programs The unjust are justly justified for being unjust As the dignity of human race is burnt to ashes. Man gradually shrinks in strength from its wounds Of segregation, strife and contempt Unfairness is the overall master of programs. Young folks find it difficult to fuse They are picked as beans as if spoilt To be thrown in the bush without...
Twisted Fate—ZenPens

Twisted Fate

Dead Doctor—ZenPens

Dead Doctor


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