The road to truth is rough
And when said it hurts
But then, what prophecy can change this curse
But we sing, bound in freedom, peace and unity
And the past song with the same voice we sang
That truth and justice reign, help us to build a nation where no man is oppressed and so with peace and plenty the nation may be blessed
And we pledged to serve with all our strength
We still do…
Just that many has lost their breath, in a nation where peace and justice reign.

Chinuekpere… May God hear our prayers. For a good change. But then we were blinded and deceived. Our only chance we turned to an experiment.
A sick wing-broken and
A healthy well fed
With a joyful noise we shouted.
That was a prophecy and we listened.

And so, help our youth the truth to know in love and honesty to grow and living just and true great lofty heights attain to build a nation where peace and justice reign.

The youths said the truth
They acted in peace but their justice was to get jailed.

And then I ask

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