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Blackout (Part 2)

…Continued from Part 1…

She woke up with a heavy headache. Her hands were tied to her back and she couldn’t recognise the surroundings. It was night already.

Her kidnappers were not in sight and she wondered where they went to as she tried to untie herself. It was a futile effort, the ropes were as hard as the ones used by palm wine tappers. Her wrists were already red like the sparks of a burning charcoal.

She tried to get up but all her efforts proved abortive. She lay back and waited on her faith.

They stepped in just about the time her eyelids were trying so hard to fight nature’s call. From the darkness,she can only make out their shadows as they dragged another ‘victim’. There were three of them plus the victim.

Their leader flashed a torchlight at her. It took her a moment to adjust her eyes to the bright light. It was the boss’s wife that masterminded her kidnap and their second ‘victim’ was the boss.

“I know you have been sleeping with my husband, slut, but I was waiting for the right time,” the boss’s wife said and laughed loud, too loud. That moment she became scared, afraid she might not live to tell the tale.

She looked at the boss and the look in his eyes frightened her, it was a look of fear, hopelessness and regret. She cringed at his stare and prayed silently for her soul, something she had not done in more than five years.

The boss’s wife started with the boss, whispered in his ears while he pleaded with his eyes as his mouth and hands were tied. She paid no attention to that as she was bent on taking her pound of flesh.

The blade of the knife was sharp, it sparked as the moonlight shown through the window of the uncompleted building.

The boss’s wife stabbed the boss first and watched as he bled to death. Then her turn.

“Use a gun please, make it quick,” she begged.

“Never! You will suffer like I did! You ruined my marriage,” the boss’s wife replied.

She felt no instant pain. Then the pains hit her like a thunderstorm. She couldn’t shout. She remembered her parents and siblings.

The red liquid covered her. It was thick like blood, human blood, or is it? She felt dizzy and light-headed. She felt the darkness coming and knew that such darkness was eternal.

It was cold. She saw her killers face for the last time and smiled as she fell into eternal sleep.

Her blood flowed and joined the boss’s own, it became intertwined forming a dark puddle.

Picking her bag, the boss’s wife left with the two men at her heels.

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