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Hate Love

There’s something ’bout you and I
No one else will ever see
It’s so clear that we can’t deny
Sweeps us away like the waves of the sea
I gave a part of me I can’t retrieve
You took a part of me I can’t keep
Your kiss on my lips gives me relief
You by my side, the only way I can sleep

You know me the best, even my worst
But you never judged me
All the times I was lost
You got lost too, just to find me
You smile to my clouds and the sun shines
I speak to your skies and the moon smiles
I love the birds when they sing your name
And the wind saying your name drives me insane

But they hate us… why?
They fight our happiness
They rejoice when we cry
Why is our love covered in with bitterness?
Your parents hate me cos I’m white
My parents hate you cos you’re black
To them, you and I together, a horrible sight!
Daily trying to make our love slack

I’m in love with you, not the world
Nothing will ever change that
They’re the world, but you’re my world
Smile my love, you know how much I love that
Their evil faces tryna scare us
Each time we walk by the circus
Look away honey, look into my eyes
Look still and see where true love lies

I’ll still be in love with you and me
Even when we’re ghosts
Cos you were there for me
When I needed you most
Don’t let them see you cry over your scars!
Cos over them, I place you high above
The same place as the stars
No matter how much they hate love

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