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June 14

The letters kept coming. Dangerous warnings scribbled in. I walked through the lonely path. Everywhere was quiet. The dark night was coming down prematurely. Ready to bury the daylight. I was a little bit afraid. The neighbourhood has been chaotic lately. Series of killings has been going on. Just yesterday, a family very close to us met their death. And the killers were no where to be found. I walked with fear. I began to sing. Singing away my fears.

I came through a path. It was lonely and quiet. The only sound was the chirping sounds of the crickets. I could view our compound from where I was. A sign of relief swept through my face. I began to walk faster to our house. I came nearer. There was no light. No noise. Strange. I thought. I opened the door quietly. I peeped inside. Then, the strange elusive smell came. I stepped inside and froze. The odour increased. Like that of a blood. Fear gripped me. Too many questions ran through my mind. What if something bad had happened? What if those assassins who kept sending us letters has finally killed my family. Cold sweats ran through my face.

I called out mum’s name, there was no answer. I was about running out when a hand grabbed me. I stood there, shaking. Just then, the light came on. Faces were looking at me. Laughing at me. My mum and my siblings were holding a champagne.

“Surprise!” they shouted. “Happy birthday, Ada.” I stood there looking at them. What just happened? Tears ran through my cheeks. The tears I had been holding in minutes ago.

“You guys almost killed me. I thought something bad had happened,” I said, crying bitterly. “But wait, aren’t you guys perceiving a smell? The smell of blood?” I asked.

“Nne, your younger brother killed the chicken inside here. Instead of outside,” my mum answered.

“Oh. Okay,” I said with relief. That explains the smell I perceived earlier.

Just then, there came the loud bang on the door. Heavy. Loud. Ready to break.

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