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I Never Thought It Could Happen To Me (Part 2)

Continued from the last part…

I stood transfixed at that spot, hands slightly trembling, mouth open. I knew girls can be crazy, but who could be crazy enough to do this? I turned the paper around in search of an extra piece of information, maybe a clue or something to tell me who this person was but nothing was there.

Don’t laugh, but I’ve watched detective movies and sometimes they sniffed the paper, so I did same. Still, nothing. It smelt like paper. (Oh God! Remind me to stop watching them).

I didn’t know how long I had been standing there, but the cold wind that passed by didn’t say kind words to me, so I went inside, locked the door and closed the window.

I’d like to clear the air though. FYI, this note should be sent to Tobi, because he was the one who kept on bugging me, he practically is follows me around in school. Though it is really uncomfortable most days, but sometimes I find it comforting (don’t ask me how please.). He was even nicknamed Gracie’s Shadow. My shadow! You can imagine!

I wasn’t ready to kill myself over the issue. Maybe this was a prank, a really expensive one. I shrugged it off, squeezed the paper and threw it into the bin. Back to more important things like sleep and argh… assignments

I hope I am not the only one who feels Sunday evening is the perfect time for my weekend assignments, last minute things. I did the ones I could and narrowed my mind to copy the rest from my bestie Joy the following morning. (There’s no copyright policy, please don’t give me that look.)

“Hey Gracie.” Argh! Just the face I didn’t want to see. I finally settled into my desk after the morning devotion and he came along.

“Uhmm… Hi.”

“Have you done your English assignment?”

“No, I forgot the note in school.”

“Okay, but please can I get it? I need to check something.”

“Not now Tobi. Let me hurriedly do it.”

“But it wont take long. I…”

“Ask for someone else.”

I gave him the ‘case closed’ look. And he left.
He didn’t really leave, as his table was just behind mine.

I quickly opened my desk to remove the note. I was about to move over to Joy’s row when a paper feel from the book.


Okay now, I think this is serious.

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