A Night in Jos

Jos nights were always unpredictable
Some nights were peaceful with
random barks of dogs interrupting
the peace and quiet once in a while
Some nights were melodious
Filled with sweet tunes of local songs
Some of them were actually enjoyable

Some nights were filled with sounds of bullets flying up and down the streets
I guess the angry youths found
another dead body
But one night stood out among all nights

It was a Sunday night, around 7pm, I was coming back from a church event I co-hosted
I had a hoodie on and was looking
hideous and rough.
I had to or else I’d become easy prey.

I walked past another hideous looking guy
on a hoodie
As we walked past each other, we kept looking at each other
After a few steps apart, we both stopped
We kept staring at each other, not moving a muscle, our faces partly covered by the hoodies we had on.

It was a real life face-off
He looked like an Igbo boy, so I finally summoned up courage and said
“Kee ije?”
He smiled and came close to me, shook my hand (street style) and replied
“Udo dị nwanne.”

We exchanged further pleasantries and went our separate ways…

I miss Jos…

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