• Photo of Have You Been Told?

    Have You Been Told?

    You said you hate tribal marks: Hence, you got a damsel with a clean face. You took her to the altar, Solemn vows you uttered. Later on, your seeds germinated…

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  • Photo of She Comes For Us All

    She Comes For Us All

    She’s unseen She catches her prey unknown And throws them into utter darkness fully of fear and fury She visits both young and old Dwells even in the smallest places…

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  • Photo of A Climax in Time

    A Climax in Time

    I’m dripping. His arms are wrapped tightly around me, Cocooning me in his warm heat. His breath is hot on my neck, His tongue following each trail of sweat, From…

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  • Photo of Girl Child

    Girl Child

    I need you, Like the earth needs the sun. Do not turn your back on me. ‘Cause I’m tender and the world isn’t so merciful. Don’t leave me in the…

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  • Photo of Tomato Talk

    Tomato Talk

    Hello, Succulent Red, you look sumptuously hot. My eyes sparkled with red when I saw your juicy pot. Hi, Spicy Brown, your voice makes me tingle like a fish in…

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  • Photo of Exquisite


    Indescribable beauty Junoesque, ravishing, stunning, Is my rested mind. And when I wake, deeds to be done in order, synched and patterned. What a beauty to behold. Resplendent. My mind…

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  • Photo of The World We Wish for

    The World We Wish for

    Sometimes we feel we are a turf out from our world and the haunts of men. Suffering a living death, fated to die in a ditch in some ravine of…

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  • Photo of Ode To My Friend

    Ode To My Friend

    My ready friend, you inspire me to write. How I love the way you hug, walk and kiss, Invading my mind day and through the night, Always dreaming about the…

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  • Photo of De Heat No Be Here O

    De Heat No Be Here O

    As e dey hot de weda don dada. Pesin no fit wear cloth wey plenti pass agbada. E be say fan dey blow but na beta heat dey flow. Pesin…

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  • Photo of Single… Searching for the Best

    Single… Searching for the Best

    I’m in a garden filled with flowers, beautiful flowers though But still searching for the one that matches me. I have been a plant but an unwanted one, I did…

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  • Photo of One Way Trip

    One Way Trip

    Fifty miles with all smiles. It is a luxuriant ride, filled with pump and pride. We are comrades and commuters with different goals to foster. With minds working like computers,…

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  • Photo of Our Case: A Stare Case

    Our Case: A Stare Case

    Tales get twisted When trust Is lost in twixt. Mud and water Used to be close Elements among mortals. Mud settled Beneath water; None nettled. Then, Mud stopped trusting water;…

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  • Photo of Moments of Bliss

    Moments of Bliss

    You once shared in my moments of bliss I was only but a kid Those days I’ll never miss We loved each other, that we never hid We could have…

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  • Photo of No Time for ABC

    No Time for ABC

    Social media is my door, internet is my key. No time for dulling, no time for my ABC Facebook is my book. Twitter tells me how I look. No time…

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  • Photo of An Ode to Simisola

    An Ode to Simisola

    To Simisola, Who has been my crush, Perch on my shoulder Like a celestial dove Baptize my thirsty lips With the whole of your kiss Let me be your carpenter…

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  • Photo of Cold


    Just thirteen years old Wondering why the world was so cold Always timid, never bold “Boldness is a luxury,”she was told And to Madam Gold she was sold Her tiny…

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  • Photo of Don’t Trust These Hijab Girls

    Don’t Trust These Hijab Girls

    She who covereth her sins shall perish, Like a beautiful blemish that had to terribly tarnish. The truth of the guise is that there’s no truth in their guise, Of…

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  • Photo of Taste Buds

    Taste Buds

    Oh sweet fruity smell! ready but none to sell. Luscious honey well, held my taste buds with a spell. None but me wanted sweet, alluring taste and sumptuous beet. Like…

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