A Cold Windy Night


A cold windy night
I feel a wet sticky substance
At the right side of my body
I try opening my eyes but everything is blurry
I decide to close them for a minute
Then I opened my eyes,
I feel the cold wind run through my bare body. I am only covered with rag on my private part
My limbs are frozen, I can’t move
All of a sudden I disintegrate as the dust before the wind.


I find myself once again in a terrible situation worse than the first, on the cold hard ground, I lie belly down, it feels as though I am in the middle of the road, it seems as though it is past two in the morning
I thought to myself, “What have I been doing, how did I get here?”
Was I sleep-walking or was I drunk?
Was this yet another dream or was I truly lost?
But I feel a little bit glad, at least my brain works, at least I have observed my environment more quickly than the last
As I was drowning in my thoughts, a light flashed through, it was so bright and as I noticed, it came closer and faster to where I lay
Oh no, a car is going to run me over
I closed my eyes, praying that somehow, someone or something saves me but I was crushed by the hard tyres.
After it had passed, I laid there bleeding out.
In this last moment I will die
But this is me delivering my emotional state.

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