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“When Jimoh Isiaq Said” — A Poem by Chima Daniel

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired

He meant
No more folded hands
No more silence for the oppression
of Naija youth’s right to live
& beg & cry for his life.

He meant
Brutality will cost you peace
If a Naija youth can’t live
If a grown boy can’t be fresh
If we all don’t have the same right to a luxurious life.

He meant
It is not all tattooed boys
that are a trained yahoo boys.
He meant
Look at my legs
Each foot holds a history
of the 36 shots that chased me
harm free from a junction square
Look at my hands
both are machines
these little tools of mine

He meant
Nothing but death can stop me
from typing “#EndSARS now”.
He meant
Nothing but death can stop me
from achieving my dreams.
He meant
No blue-black beating will
stop my feet from protesting
& my heart from expressing
& my mouth from echoing.

He meant
Nigeria! you will learn justice feels like
iPhone12, McLaren P1 LM, Jaeger-Le Coulter
used by my sturdy hands.

He meant
Ola, Shola and me
In our rightful minds in the street.
He meant
Until my brother
& my brother’s brothers
& my homies too
Can walk and live
and get back to reap
what was planted
in this blessed land.
He meant
I ain’t stopping Nigeria!
I ain’t stopping Nigeria!

Not even death can take away from my youth’s hands what I’ve died for.


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