June 23, 2020 Whyte Queen 0

An essence man grapples for…. In the chasm of ethereal nothingness. Boys chasing the blue skies at midday, defying the winds against all odds. At nightfall, a boy finds himself [Read more… ]

The Gathering of Poets

March 21, 2020 Whyte Queen 0

I hail thee
Thou inscribers of words;
giving motion to alphabets
causing them to walk upon hearts.

I hail thee
Thou igniters of emotions
making us reflect, laugh
and moving us to tears.

Hope Harbour by Whyte Queen on ZenPens

Hope Harbour

March 18, 2020 Whyte Queen 0

Here we stand, clutching our tremors. Silence streaming above the grey, weary skies. We, looking at nothing in particular, yet nothing is everything to us. The nothing we have now [Read more… ]

We are the Voices by Whyte Queen on ZenPens

We Are The Voices

February 13, 2020 Whyte Queen 0

We are the voices; suppressed by our vows— for better for worse. We are the women; with silent screams— subservient till death. We are a nation; falling under its weight— [Read more… ]



February 7, 2020 Whyte Queen 0

Do you see the bloodmoon in my eyes? I enclosed my soul in pixels and it got trapped by a 2:00am bloodmoon. Now I roam soulless, searching for redemption. Can [Read more… ]

Dead Doctor—ZenPens

Dead Doctor

December 1, 2019 Whyte Queen 0

It was a plan to take over the hospital. They had everything planned to the last detail. And everything would have gone according to plan, till the nosy doctor found [Read more… ]

Model of Malady

September 27, 2019 Whyte Queen 0

Blind me to this fate… where you burn with tears but none dares escape your eyes…. People are watching… Many are judging… So a girl wears a pant of piercing [Read more… ]


August 22, 2019 Whyte Queen 0

Finding the value of an adult who digs into the hollows of a young girl is finding the value of devastating infinity. Let me do the math for you: Stolen [Read more… ]