Victor Azudialo

  • MusingsPhoto of Silent Cry

    Silent Cry

    My heart is weary It has beaten the drum for war So many times, And yet, it’s so strange how my foe dances well to the tune And never slipped…

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  • MusingsPhoto of A New Dawn

    A New Dawn

    Embrangled amidst such beauty Yet no one has come to pick a choose Every sundown felt devastating Every beak into her flesh Left scars like dots in a cacography Yet…

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  • PoetryPhoto of Obscurity


    How do you live When your hope is lost How should we cry Since our joy is lost Biology is a weapon technology is a lay pun in this warzone…

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  • MusingsPhoto of Mercy


    The son will never forgive When his deeds upset his father And when there’s a cry for relief The snake crawls in to see another murder Pray your seeds seek…

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  • PoetryPhoto of Dim


    Too much passion Too much rebellion Who stole her peace And shredded her purity Bursted through her virginity And ate her world on the ghetto table Now how can she…

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  • PoetryPhoto of Lonely


    Let me off this hook Haven’t you fed enough She cries in her wambles The world had fallen Right on her feet Ever been hunted before? knowing there’s torture waiting…

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  • Micro PoetryPhoto of Fada


    Life has taken over me My dear lady, there’s pleasure and fun So join me in the midnight hours With our unborn child For I’m going to be a good…

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