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Obsession Olivia

I woke up with a fright, shivering all over my body, and it wasn't because the room was cold. The dream felt so real. I'm sure he's dead. Jimmy died that night when the car tumbled and fell over the cliff making a loud splashing sound as it dropped into the river. There's no way he'd be alive. I felt a surge of happiness the day he died. Finally I was free,

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Blackout (Part 2)

She woke up with a heavy headache. Her hands were tied to her back and she couldn't recognise the surroundings. It was night already. Her kidnappers were not in sight and she wondered where they went to as she tried to untie herself. It was a futile effort, the ropes were as hard as the ones used by palm wine tappers. Her wrists were already red like the

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