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Learning to Walk

I struggled to conceal the emotions that invaded me the moment he said he knew what I did at Tejuosho two days ago. What...

Age of Dharine

“I can’t wait for the day you’ll be given the Consortium Excellence Award for your groundbreaking discovery of the MindCode,” Shariya, my fiancée complimented...


Doom had struck in a place far from home. This thought stirred in Lucy's mind, as she burst through the little door that led...

Visitors from Space (Part Three)

Continued from Part Two Nairobi, Kenya, that Same Day, The shrill ring of the small desk phone woke him up. Who could be calling at this hour of the day?

Visitors from Space (Part Two)

Continued from Part One The United Nations Headquarters, New York, the Next Day, The UN Secretary General, Kim Wong Hyung was fuming. The scheduled meeting would commence in the next

Visitors from Space (Part One)

The South Colony, March 21, 2877, The Earth is dead, barren, desolate, and lost. Much of the life forms in it are extinct, destroyed in a war few would remember;

Galactic Warrior III—Saviour

Continued from Part Two The vehicle gave one final lurch, as I landed the it at the foot of the mountain where coordinates directed me. It was a bean-shaped mountain,

Galactic Warrior II—Only Chance

Continued from Part One.When I woke up, I found myself in a room of pristine conditions; the marble tiles were perfectly cleaned, the walls, which were painted in white were spotless, and the

Galactic Warrior I—Madatant

Why didn’t I notice them when they came in? More importantly, how did they get past the security at the gate? They appeared to be normal people, but they did not dress


16th September, 2765,As one of those in the Elite Cure Corp, Dan supposed he should not complain about the job he was sent to do, but hell, he did complain. This

Spirit of the Earth

I wasn’t a hero — or heroine in my case. I was a scaredy cat, always shying away from any form of trouble or altercation. I never even shouted.
Dead Doctor—ZenPens

Dead Doctor



The Wedding Guest—ZenPens

The Wedding Guest

Twisted Fate—ZenPens

Twisted Fate

Pains of Hadiza

Pains of Hadiza

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