Lost Love

March 28, 2020 Ruthepoet 0

Let it be known that I loved you Your rugged self wasn’t an excuse not to hold the hands that held cigarettes, even when my friends saw it unfair to [Read more… ]

Dear Lover by Ruthepoet on ZenPens

Dear Lover

March 25, 2020 Ruthepoet 0

Let’s play under the moonlight Pretending to run away from each other Like there is a disease that plagues one Expecting the other Let’s play a game Say my name [Read more… ]

Sex on Sunday

Sex on Sunday

January 27, 2020 Ruthepoet 0

She handed me over to him. “This is my daughter. Whatever she wants, provide her with it,” she had told him. He only responded with a smirk. I know that [Read more… ]



November 22, 2019 Ruthepoet 0

Mum left him. She left me too. He was cruel to her. He didn’t want her close. She left, and never came back. Not considering what I had in mind. [Read more… ]



October 31, 2019 Ruthepoet 0

Waking up to pee All I saw was him All dressed in black As they said he was free Like I had seen My skin gone pale My legs weak [Read more… ]