May 10, 2020 Ras Godisoh 0

On your arms I lie On your shoulders I cry Sailing the vast ocean With broken feet moving like a river in motion, So take me to the stars For [Read more… ]

A Poem

May 6, 2020 Ras Godisoh 0

Words that come from empty souls, Monsters that get freed to roam from mind to mind, Foot paths that lead nowhere, roads that are not on the road maps Crazy [Read more… ]

Bad Boy

April 30, 2020 Ras Godisoh 0

I wasn’t born to say sorry I break hearts for a living I was born to make you paranoid and full of worry Give you love like it’s medicine Wishing [Read more… ]

Dear Depression

March 29, 2020 Ras Godisoh 0

My pen has fallen slave to the thirst of bleeding, bleeding daily unendingly on these blank sheets of paper engraving empty words, my heart sunken by grief ripping it out [Read more… ]


March 28, 2020 Ras Godisoh 0

Mothers have lost sons under the sun Fathers still searching for daughters gone with the flowing waters Measures have been put into plans and multi-billion dollar projects undertaken The nation [Read more… ]