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Uncle Ben

Remember me, Uncle Ben? Remember me from back then? The little one from next door Whose sight you couldn't ignore Remember me, Uncle Ben? The child who thought she...

The Little Innocent Girl Child

The war against rape and early child marriage The pretty little innocent girl child With a heart and soul so tender, gentle and mild She may be...

A Wish of Hate

I am angry at God for he created night time I am angry at Man for he created the night demon For my story of hate started one night. I...

She Made Me Do It

She made me do it. I wouldn't have done it. If only she hadn't shown me, those thighs that tempted me. Her skirt was too short. Her voice was...


Finding the value of an adult who digs into the hollows of a young girl is finding the value of devastating infinity. Let me do...

Upon My Honour

I still hear his footsteps trudging down the corridors, towards my room. The truth I hold, may take me years to unfold. But it's funny how several reckless moments could redefine an adolescent.

Consented Rape

While I pushed you away, you insisted that you knew I wanted you Because I had always flirted with you I really was flirting But does it equal to opening
Pains of Hadiza

Pains of Hadiza





Pleasure & Pain‚ÄĒZenPens

Pleasure & Pain

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